Houston Mission Trip

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Nine Chapel members traveled to Texas Nov. 13-19 to partner with Convoy of Hope’s hurricane relief efforts in Port Arthur, 90 miles east of Houston. Hurricane Harvey devastated the town, which is still in recovery since the hurricane hit in late August.

A few days into the trip, the team began working on the home of a very special woman named Jeannie. Check out the story in the words of The Chapel’s Director of Global and Domestic Missions, Mike McCarthy:

November 15, 2017

Miss Jeannie is a 71-year-old widow whose roof was badly damaged in the hurricane and the ceiling has severe leak spots in almost every room of the house. The Convoy team (people from The Chapel, a church in Indianapolis, and Convoy staffers) spent most of today removing much of her ceiling all throughout here house.  She is getting the roof repaired or replaced in the next week or so. When the hurricane hit, the flood waters trapped her in her home and she was rescued by a boat that drove up to her front porch. The inside of the house took on very little water, but the roof problem has made the home uninhabitable.

Miss Jeannie serves faithfully in her church, mentoring young women, teaching young people and helping serve and deliver food to hundreds of people every week. She has also worked for years as a housing advocate and helping people buy homes and go through the credit process. She has a cross in her front yard so people will know she’s “not ashamed of the gospel.”

But now there’s an even greater urgency for her to get her house fixed. She is set up to foster four girls aged 10-14. At 71 years old, not only is she fostering them, but she is doing so as an adoptive foster parent, meaning that if her parents decide to give up their custody rights, Miss Jeannie will adopt them. In order to foster the kids, the home has to pass an inspection, and she wants to foster them as soon as possible, even before Christmas! She thinks she can have the roof repaired and have new sheetrock on the ceiling in the next 20 days.

She has tried calling everywhere for months for help on her house, to no avail. Then, in the past week, Convoy of Hope contacted her after getting her name and our team went to work today. Now, thanks to the work done on the house and the hope of a roofer coming shortly, at the age of 71, she will get to be a foster parent to four girls!

After we were done, she told our Convoy of Hope team: “You restored my hope. I will never forget this day as long as I live.”

Author: Mike McCarthy

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