Killing Conflict – September 10, 2017 – Scott Chapman

Killing Conflict – September 17, 2017 – Cory Sondrol

Killing Conflict – September 24, 2017 – Scott Chapman

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  • Teresa Nortillo says:

    Scott, I could say volumes about this message. I was in tears as I thought about relationships, especially in the Body of Christ, that have been destroyed because of pride that would not bend or soften to see or hear another’s point of view. The enemy’s playground is our pride. When we humble ourselves to see our own sin, the enemy is dealt a huge defeat, and conflict can be resolved with love and respect. Loved the telescope visual !! Such truth in your words today that we all need to head. Thank you for this valuable message!

  • Joanie Woodall says:

    Praise God for this message Scott!! To hear truth being spoken to the church about the battle in the heavenly realms, so needed! And the truth that as children of God, we have authority, in Jesus name!! Being the body of Christ humbly on our knees exercising prayerful, spiritual authority, can change any conflicts! Thanking God and praying that our church family will understand the power we have in Jesus Christ and use it, all for His glory!

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