6th-12th grade students, join us for a CS event you DON’T want to miss! Although COVID-19 restrictions keep us from invading Kalahari and the water parks this year, nothing will stop us from going all-in for God. Winter Conference 2021 will be packed with worship and fun and will take place at The Chapel Grayslake, with Monday being spent as a FORCE FOR GOOD in our communities!


January 15-18


$119 After October 25
Overnight stays in host homes optional.


How will my student get to and from places?

If your student is in a host home their background checked leader will drive students in their personal vehicles back and forth to the campus and activities

If your student is not in a host home they can drive themselves to the Chapel and remain with us until the evening is over. If your student doesn’t drive then you, the parent, will be required to drop them off and pick them up each day.

What do I do with my student’s medications?

Meds will be kept with the adult leader to distribute them. We will not have students in positions of their own medications.

How will I know where my student is staying?

Host homes are decided by age, gender and campus. Your student will be placed in a group and they will be responsible to communicate their host home location to you.

What Covid precautions are you taking for this conference?

We are requiring 14 day temperature checks before students and leaders can attend CSWC.
We are requiring host homes to take 14 temperature checks before CSWC
We will strongly encourage students and leaders to wear a mask when social distancing can’t be maintained.
We will be asking students and leader to wear masks during our singing portions of the conference.
We will do an onsite temp check each day

If my student drives can they leave the conference?

No. Students are to remain onsite the whole time with their group.

Can my student drive to and from the host home?

No. Students may not drive themselves to host home they need to leave their cars at the Chapel Grayslake.

Can my student join a small group adventure if they are not at a host home?

No. In this Covid season, those who are opting out of host homes will not be able to join any groups that are participating in a host home to honor all families involved.

What is the Small group adventure?

Host home leaders and students will be given time, space and a little money to go out and choose a fun adventure to do together as a group.

If my student is not in a host home do they have any small group time?

No. They will only participate as a conference attendee.

If my student is not in a host home can they participate in the Force For Good Day on Monday?

YES!! We would love them to serve as long as your family feels comfortable with it.

Are leaders background checked?

Yes. All leaders will be background checked.

What is the Phone policy?

For this conference phones will be allowed, normally not the case in our CAMP realties but because of the travel and uniqueness of this event they will be permitted.

What is the Refund policy?

For ANY reason the Refund policy is that we will give a full refund up to December 16th. After December 16th and 50% refund will be given back.

How will I make you aware for food allergies?

Food allergies and all medication will be filled out in the registration link.

What is your mask policy?

We will ask masks to be worn at all times at the conference gathering until they reach their social distanced seat.


Wondering what to pack for Winter Conference 2021? Check out this packing list as you put your bags together so you don’t miss a beat over the weekend!


To make Winter Conference the best experience possible, we ask that you and your student read this documents and fill out the necessary information before the weekend!