New Series This Fall!

By September 7, 2018Blog


I hope you’re doing well in the midst of all the chaos and craziness of getting everyone back to school. This year was particularly momentous for both Tammy and I as we had our youngest kid start high school, and a second begin her first year of college. It just doesn’t seem possible!

This autumn also has the potential to be momentous for our church family. This weekend, we’ll be starting a series around many of the controversial topics and ideas happening all around us. From the #metoo movement to the issues at the border to navigating the challenges of racism to questions around how we should understand gender, it seems like the national dialogue has never been sharper or perhaps more significant than it is right now.

Our aim with this message series is not to be sensationalistic or to drive any kind of political agenda, but rather to ask the question “Where is God in all of this?” We believe our relationship with God not only offers up hope for the life to come, but wisdom and strength for life right here, right now. Together, we want to seek the heart and mind of God – to see things from His perspective, feel with His compassion, and to act with His resolve and determination. In a time of growing division and anger, this is a moment for the Church to serve others as the community of the kingdom of God on earth – becoming a refuge of peace, wisdom and healing in the midst of all the turmoil.

You may have already received an invitation in the mail highlighting the series. Please use this as an opportunity to reach out to your friends and neighbors, to engage them in a meaningful conversation around God. Perhaps you can even ask them to join you in coming to The Chapel over the next few weeks. We’re genuinely excited to enter into these conversations alongside you.

Thank you all for your deep love and grace, and for making The Chapel such a beautiful expression of God’s family. I’m deeply grateful for each of you.

Your brother,


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