When God Breathes: Week 1 – Cory Sondrol
When God Breathes: Week 2 – Scott Chapman

When God Breathes: Week 3 – Jamie Wamsley

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  • Kristen Durante says:

    It’s absolutely amazing to me how God gives me the sermon I need to hear at exactly the moment I need to hear it.

    This is one of the best, most interesting sermons I’ve ever heard because Jamie totally tied together Passover and Pentecost in a way that hopefully my Jewish friends (and atheists) for that matter can chew on!

    Thank You! Praise God for his goodness. May He continue to bless and protect the pastoral staff at The Chapel, as well as your families. May He continue to give you inspiration and creativity to preach to the rest of us, so that He gets the glory and honor, and we can draw people to Him through telling people about what The Chapel is doing!

    In Jesus’ name,

    Thanks again! Fantastic preaching!!

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