When our prayers touch heaven and change earth, God’s kingdom transforms our lives and the world we live in.

We’re here for you. When you submit a prayer request, our Pastors and 24/7 Prayer Teams lift you up in prayer.

Prayers for a co-workers family and friends that just passed away suddenly. prayers for my boss’ girlfriend; large mass found and the surgery is dangerous. prayers for drs to figure out a way to help her w/out surgery. 

Praying for peace and understanding in my home. My oldest daughter moved in and we have clashing personalities. I ask that the Lord will give us new hearts, to remove our hearts of stone  and give us hearts of flesh. To be able to hear the needs of each other, to be a servant for each other.  3 of the 4 of us face mental health issues in some way and the last couple weeks have been a challenge. As a mother my heart is very heavy and broken. I know some days I have not done well as their mother and could have responded in a healthier way instead of reacting in a way that hurt us all. Much our heartache is the emptiness of my husband’s presence, we pray for his return to our family without restriction. 

Please pray for my husband and I as we are going thru some legal issues we tried to avoid, pray for wisdom and faith to trust God is in control . This legal system we are going into is really stacked against us , so we pray truth will come out and God would move in hearts of judge and lawyers and he would provide finances needed to get thru this and provide us with the right attorney

Please pray for my coworker as her moms cancer came back and she was given 2 years to live. She was given the opportunity for transplant surgery. Please pray that the doctors and nurses obtain guidance to provide her with a positive outcome.

Please pray for my friends’ Mom who just received bad news. They are taking her back for a biopsy. Prayers for comfort during the unknown and Jesus to be near to each of them. Prayer for His healing.

Please pray for my father who is in Good Shepard hospital fighting for his life cause of COVID.

This prayer request is for my 38-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome. She lives at Inspiration Ministries in Walworth Wisconsin and has tested positive for COVID-19. Please help me pray for her.

Please pray for my Grandson. He passes out for unknown reasons. He is an electrician and will probably lose his career. Doctors have not been able to find the cause.

Please pray for my son who will graduate from college this year. He is struggling with anxiety and depression at a time he should be experiencing Joy and Hope about his future. He is feeling overwhelmed and confused about his future. Help me cast out spirits of deception and depression. Join me in prayer for him to experience God’s love and breakthrough. I know God has a good future for him. Holy Spirit, lead him

My grandpa is currently in the hospital with two brain tumors and the second tumor is large and in the most serious part of his brain. We are currently waiting for results back on whether or not they are cancerous tumors. The doctors say he will most likely need surgery to remove them and because of where the tumors are located that he won’t make it through so I really need all of my prayer family to pray for a miracle that my grandpa will be healed by God’s hands because I know He is the only one who can truly recover and heal his wounds.

My mom passed away on the morning of December 27th. I’m certainly grieving her loss, but honestly, I am most concerned about being able to keep our apartment and other financial obligations of the household that have now fallen on me. I was not even able to give her a proper visitation and funeral because I did not have the funds to do so. Please pray for God’s provision for me – that I will be able to keep a roof over my head and the household running on a smaller salary