When our prayers touch heaven and change earth, God’s kingdom transforms our lives and the world we live in.

We’re here for you. When you submit a prayer request, our Pastors and 24/7 Prayer Teams lift you up in prayer.

Prayers for a co-workers family and friends that just passed away suddenly. prayers for my boss’ girlfriend; large mass found and the surgery is dangerous. prayers for drs to figure out a way to help her w/out surgery. 

Praying for peace and understanding in my home. My oldest daughter moved in and we have clashing personalities. I ask that the Lord will give us new hearts, to remove our hearts of stone  and give us hearts of flesh. To be able to hear the needs of each other, to be a servant for each other.  3 of the 4 of us face mental health issues in some way and the last couple weeks have been a challenge. As a mother my heart is very heavy and broken. I know some days I have not done well as their mother and could have responded in a healthier way instead of reacting in a way that hurt us all. Much our heartache is the emptiness of my husband’s presence, we pray for his return to our family without restriction. 

I just had cataract surgery one week ago and all is well except my appointment today indicated my eye pressure is double what it should be. Please pray the pressure subsides within the next week.

Our oldest son and his wife and going through a very rough time in the marriage. We are trying so hard to get them to turn it over to God. They have two small children and in need of prayers. Please pray that God restores their marriage into something amazing.

Please pray for employment for me. It has been a long nearly 5 mos of unemployment. Hope and confidence are wearing thin. I keep trying to let my fear be burried in faith, but I am struggling as so many are like me. Also please pray for my husband to find God so we can grow in our faith together.

I received notice yesterday that I have blood cancer. I dont remember the name of it. I think I am still in shock. But I do know that everything is in Gods hand and whatever he decides is going to be his will and I am ok with it. I also believe in the power of prayer. Thank you Church Family for your love and prayer through this difficult time.

Please continue to pray for my sister that had stomach removed due to cancer. She is still battling with trying to eat food. She starts working this wk from hm. Please also pray that she will be able handle the work load and that this will be good for her spirits so she can stop feeling discouraged. Please also pray for my friend who had her first mamogram and got a biopsy.

Please pray for my husband and I as we are going thru some legal issues we tried to avoid, pray for wisdom and faith to trust God is in control . This legal system we are going into is really stacked against us , so we pray truth will come out and God would move in hearts of judge and lawyers and he would provide finances needed to get thru this and provide us with the right attorney

I’m bringing my dad, home today with hospice. Please pray that my family and I are able to give him the loving care he will need. Please pray for all who are helping my dad during this time. When the time comes pray my dad has a transition without pain. His reunion with our Heavenly Father, his parents, grandson and all who have gone before him will be beautiful. Praying for strength for my mom, Sara, who is facing life without her love of 60 years. I pray for all that our praying for us to be blessed.

I would like to request prayers for a scholarship opportunity to get my masters degree. I have been waiting for a long time for this, they became available again, however i was not chosen, I really thought I’d be one of the first since I’ve been patiently waiting but a new coordinator came in and had no history as to my long journey in waiting. I reached out but no luck yet however i truly believe my God has a plan for me and nothing is impossible with my Lord. Please Dear Lord you make a way for this to come through in which i can be one more to obtain this scholarship. Move mountains, touch hearts, make a path in Jesus name for an opportunity to open up. I will not feel discouraged or defeated. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Please pray that God strengthens me and my family. I’m 17 right now and in a difficult time. However, God has a plan for me, and the plan is facing serious attacks from the enemy. So, please pray more of my focus would be on God and that I would be in an ideal position to serve Him, that my thoughts and outlook would become more like His.

Please pray for my brother as he recently experienced a blocked artery on the left side of his neck (better for now with medication and is home) plus experiencing the effects of post polio with paralysis on his left side. He is “tired” and now unmotivated to remain here with us. He lives in TN.

Please pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit, comfort and strength to help him get through each day knowing the Lord is with him.

I pray for my healing from the surgery I had a week ago. I ask for strength and peace for our students who are going through this new normal of elearning.

Please pray for me to find a husband. I’ve been a single mom for 6 years. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years seek to follow God’s will and find my peace in God alone. However, practically speaking, life is beyond exhausting and I’m worn out. I look to God to help me have the strength, but it would be such a blessing to have the love of a man– to have a partner to do with together with and to be able to encourage each other towards Christ. If you could please pray, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

The strength to get through these trying time of self doubt and self worth! The strength to believe God is in charge, that he has a plan for me!

Please pray for my 3 year old granddaughter, Lily. She has a heart defect and is going to the cardiologist on the 17th to find out how soon the next open heart surgery will be. Please pray for healing, for the doctors to have your wisdom. Please pray for her parents to have peace and comfort during this stressful time.