When our prayers touch heaven and change earth, God’s kingdom transforms our lives and the world we live in.

We’re here for you. When you submit a prayer request, members of our staff and prayer teams lift you up in prayer.

Even though I need a miracle God knows what it is. I feel the need to lift other’s people needs before mine. So I pray that Jesus hears everyone on this wall and helps and grant their requests. Blessings to everyone who attends online or in person at the Chapel.

Please pray my kids, Heavenly Father, please strengthen our hearts and reminds us to encourage one another when the troubles of life start to overwhelm us. Please guard our heart from depression. Give us the strength to rise up each day and fight against the struggles which seek to weigh us down. Help my kids to cope this depression help me to understand them, help me to reach them, allowing me to understand, Guide us oh Lord my husband and I struggeling being a good parents. Help us for financially problem help us to provide what is my family need and we needed more to fight what is a family, Help us to provide what my kids wants and what we need. Give us a time together happy ,loving, caring and with peace. please help my parents realize that I need them help too. Thank you Lord please guide us to come with you for all your and support. Give us more additional income to provide what our need more to make my happy Family happy.

Please pray for my family as my sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will have surgery on Friday morning. Please say a prayer for my Extended family as this is a difficult time for us. Please just keep my family and sister in pray for a speedy recovery.

Family legal issues that need to be all the way resolved.

Please pray for me as I am in need of financial blessings. Pray for God’s wisdom over my finances and for God’s perfect peace and His Will in my life. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness and prayers.

Please pray for my health problems. I’ve been experiencing pain in my left armpit/chest area, and also I’m going to see a specialist for pain in my jaw. I was also told by a dentist that my gums might not be fixable but I want them to be restored through prayer. I’m overwhelmed by all of these health issues and need prayer and support.

I’m about 2.5 weeks out from the start of Covid symptoms, and also 21 weeks pregnant. While I’ve been able to return to work, my lungs are not the same. I’m still struggling with a lingering cough, chest pain, and chest congestion. Please pray for a swift recovery, and that the damage to my lungs is not permanent. I’m the primary breadwinner in my home and being so sick and fatigued is really scary. It’s hard not to feel up to playing with my older son. I really need God’s touch for healing.

Right now, I am very scared because my brother who is in Kuwait is at the hospital because of Covid. He has asthma as well. Please pray for him that he will recover and completely be healed. I love my brother so much he is my best friend. Please pray for his wife too who is also covid positive with mild symptoms who is taking care of their three years old son.

Please pray from my daughters friends cousin who was diagnosed with lymphoma and it has spread to his bones, His wife is currently pregnant with twins. God may you heal his body because only you have the power. Bring peace, strength and understanding to this family as they go through this very difficult time.

Please pray for my lungs and that in the next exam they will know for sure if it is fungus, bacteria or cancer!

Continued healing for family members, one hard heart, growing of faithful relationships of those who have been saved.

Healing from an abusive relationship.

Recently moved from Tulsa, OK. I want God to lead me in the choices I make for my career and family in harmony with his will.

Please pray for my friend who is struggling with COPD and lung cancer. She beat breast cancer years ago.

Please pray for my friend who is battling pancreatic cancer. Her daughter is doing her best to take care of her mom. Both need prayers of healing.

Please pray for my husband and I as we are going thru some legal issues we tried to avoid, pray for wisdom and faith to trust God is in control . This legal system we are going into is really stacked against us , so we pray truth will come out and God would move in hearts of judge and lawyers and he would provide finances needed to get thru this and provide us with the right attorney

Praying for peace and understanding in my home. My oldest daughter moved in and we have clashing personalities. I ask that the Lord will give us new hearts, to remove our hearts of stone  and give us hearts of flesh. To be able to hear the needs of each other, to be a servant for each other.  3 of the 4 of us face mental health issues in some way and the last couple weeks have been a challenge. As a mother my heart is very heavy and broken. I know some days I have not done well as their mother and could have responded in a healthier way instead of reacting in a way that hurt us all. Much our heartache is the emptiness of my husband’s presence, we pray for his return to our family without restriction. 

Prayers for a co-workers family and friends that just passed away suddenly. prayers for my boss’ girlfriend; large mass found and the surgery is dangerous. prayers for drs to figure out a way to help her w/out surgery.