When our prayers touch heaven and change earth, God’s kingdom transforms our lives and the world we live in.

We’re here for you. When you submit a prayer request our Campus Pastors and 24/7 Prayer Teams lift you up in prayer.

Prayers for a co-workers family and friends that just passed away suddenly. prayers for my boss’ girlfriend; large mass found and the surgery is dangerous. prayers for drs to figure out a way to help her w/out surgery. 

Praying for peace and understanding in my home. My oldest daughter moved in and we have clashing personalities. I ask that the Lord will give us new hearts, to remove our hearts of stone  and give us hearts of flesh. To be able to hear the needs of each other, to be a servant for each other.  3 of the 4 of us face mental health issues in some way and the last couple weeks have been a challenge. As a mother my heart is very heavy and broken. I know some days I have not done well as their mother and could have responded in a healthier way instead of reacting in a way that hurt us all. Much our heartache is the emptiness of my husband’s presence, we pray for his return to our family without restriction. 

Please pray for me so I would have God’s courage and strength to go on and not to give up because of this financial hardship I am facing due to the pandemic. I am sure God has a plan for me so not to lose HOPE.

Prayer for me and my wife’s health. She’s been coughing a lot and I’m not feeling good as well. My backpain is back! 

We were cruising through the stay-at-home, thriving on not having to commute to Chicago, which shortened my work day by 4 hours. I was renovating a bathroom, working out, my wife and I lost 100 lbs. total, and we gave back by starting to contribute food to Mundelein campus.||Then around two week ago we were hit hard. I was informed that my position of 23 years was eliminated. There is a generous severance package, but still, at 60, I can only offer 7 years to the next company.||Then my son’s fiance’ passed away.|Then I started to feel transfer pain in my left arm which is caused by a compressed nerve in my neck.|We visited my parents this past week because my Dad had been in the hospital three times lately, and while there my mom had to be taken to the hospital because her O2 saturation tanked to 67%.||I want to see my parents receive Christ, and we know that their time here is limited.|I want to seek God for my next direction, and hear the Holy Spirit, rather than jumping on the first opportunity.||I hear my son’s anguish every morning as he wakes up and realizes anew that he is alone. His fiance’ may or may not have known the Lord, and that troubles me greatly. They were engaged for two days when his fiance’ got sick. After dropping him off at the hospital, My son only talked to him on the phone before he coded twice, then was comatose until he passed away four days later.||I need God’s help to know how to give my son comfort.||

Please pray for me this week. I found out I have breast cancer. I have a Cardiac MRI on Tuesday. I am waiting to hear back from my lender about reducing my house payment to an affordable amount. 

Please help me accept the circumstances my son is placed in as a reservist in the Military. He was on such a good career path that would also benefit the nation but seems his unit might be called up for deployment for a task in our nation. Praying God will help me to accept the plans He has for my son and to help my son’s fiance accept the plans as well. Pray too that her desires for their relationship is what God intends for them both!

I am very thankful for everything the Lord has provided for me and my family. However, I am going through a rough season physically. I am currently in a wheelchair and somewhat house bound due to a freak accident fall a few weeks ago. It feels like I am going through another quarantine and ask for prayer that I will continue to develop my relationship with Jesus as I weather my current medical issues.

Please pray for my sister Yvette. Wed. June 24 she is having a stomach surgery due to cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Also prayer for our family to unite and be there for her.

Please pray for my children. I want to be closer with them. I am very alone without them. I want to have a family again. Please pray that we would be close again. And that God would strengthen our faith.

I’m looking for a home. I’m staying with a friend right now. God has blessed me so much, and I know he has a place for me, and I know in his time he will reveal it to me. Please pray that I am patient and that I will continue to trust God.

Pray for my great granddaughter who is 5 years old.  She has leukemia and is waiting for results of what kind.

Pray for peace, wisdom and strength. My work is hectic, it’s causing me stress. Also pray that my marriage is built with Jesus in the center of it. Pray for a relationship with Jesus for my husband Phil. Pray that I will focus on God.