When our prayers touch heaven and change earth, God’s kingdom transforms our lives and the world we live in.

We’re here for you. When you submit a prayer request our Campus Pastors and 24/7 Prayer Teams lift you up in prayer.

My wife recently was diagnosed with Cancer. I would just ask that you pray for our family to have strength during this time

Physical healing from a bad fall. Foot fracture and sprained ankle. Please also pray for my search for a teaching position this fall. That God would open doors, heal me and make his will known for my future. Also protection for my family from this virus and from the evil one trying to divide our family. Thank you so much 

Please pray that my health is protected from covid-19. I have had a sore throat on and off these past couple days

Please help me pray for my parents. My dad just found out his tongue cancer is back. I know they are scared and my sweet mom is so worn-out.  They are in their 70’s.   Please let them feel God’s loving presence every day- renewing their strength and joy and peace. 

I suffer from anxiety and depression. This winter i gained weight and since the pandemic started I’m battling depression pretty bad. My marriage struggles too. Please pray for me. Thank you. 

Please pray for my 92 year old mom. She is now at Condell for a 104 temp. She has a fever. Please pray for complete recovery and a negative result of the test.

Prayers of healing for my liver and pancreas. I pray with conviction and expectation that my next bloodwork will come back favorable. God will give me more time to strengthen my testimony and ability to lead people to Him. He is the Great Physician and the one with the final say.

Prayers for a co-workers family and friends that just passed away suddenly. prayers for my boss’ girlfriend; large mass found and the surgery is dangerous. prayers for drs to figure out a way to help her w/out surgery. 

Praying for peace and understanding in my home. My oldest daughter moved in and we have clashing personalities. I ask that the Lord will give us new hearts, to remove our hearts of stone  and give us hearts of flesh. To be able to hear the needs of each other, to be a servant for each other.  3 of the 4 of us face mental health issues in some way and the last couple weeks have been a challenge. As a mother my heart is very heavy and broken. I know some days I have not done well as their mother and could have responded in a healthier way instead of reacting in a way that hurt us all. Much our heartache is the emptiness of my husband’s presence, we pray for his return to our family without restriction. 

My father was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January. Since then, I have started going back to church and have welcomed God back into my life. Our family is really struggling. He is in so much pain each and every single day. Watching him go through cancer and chemo and not being able to hug him because of this quarantine has been the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. Please help me pray for his health and his recovery and please help me pray for our families strength through this difficult time in our lives.

I was supposed to start a new job, but the position has been eliminated because of current circumstances.  Thinking I had a new job in the counseling field I resigned my teaching contract effective June 30. I have been interviewing and I thinking I am a final candidate for a job…not what I expected, but it does seem the Lord is directing me and using this situation to move me where I am meant to be. I ask for prayer for peace and for God’s will.  I am a single mom and am definitely worried about finances and benefits.  

I’ve committed to Carnegie Mellon for college this fall but received a full-ride offer from a university on May 11th (last Monday) that offers a joint program with a very large company where I can gain hands-on work experience while pursuing a Computer Science degree.  Please pray for God’s clear will for me on this matter. I only want what God wants for me. The deadline to respond to this new offer is this Friday (May 22nd).