Chapel Family,

As many of you know by now, a terrible tragedy has taken place today in our neighboring community of Highland Park when a shooter fired into an Independence Day parade crowd. Currently, six people have died, and another 24 have been wounded. These numbers may increase as more is known. 

I have been in contact with a longtime friend who pastors in Highland Park. This horrible incident has affected his church and the whole community profoundly. Anything that can be done to support our neighbors and friends, we will gladly do in the days ahead. Tragedies like this create fear, anger, and grief in the lives of those affected as well as all of those who feel connected to the events. For all of us, the shock at such an evil act on families gathered for a parade is palpable. 

As we process the details and the emotional aftermath of this event, there will be a lot to think through. Still, for now, I am asking all of you to join me in setting aside some time this evening or tomorrow morning to pray for the victims and their families, all who were present at the parade, the churches in Highland Park and the community as a whole. I am praying for comfort, healing, and wisdom, as well as for the apprehension of the shooter and the safety of the police officers pursuing him. Thank you for standing before the throne of our Father with me.

Your brother,