A Call To Revival

Hearts Fully Committed To The Lord

We often talk about revival like we expect it to happen overnight and out of thin air. However, it always takes a spark to get a fire going and true revival will only take place when each of our hearts is committed fully to God.

Revival In Your Family

Developing a habit of welcoming God’s presence into our homes and practicing love like Jesus within our families is where the outpouring of revival begins.

Revival In Our Communities

Revival is living the life Jesus would live if he had our life. How would Jesus respond and live in the world today? Download the Force For Good prayer for your time with God this week. Let it guide your heart towards a posture of love and peace for everyone around you.

Check out the Force For Good page for more information on Chapel’s partnership with local and global missions!

Revival Through Giving To God First

God’s Kingdom is filled with generous people who trust in his abundance. When you believe that God will provide everything you need, it unlocks a spirit of generosity that is life-giving to others and life-changing for yourself.