Dear Friends,

What a year this has been. More than ever, we are thankful for the love and presence of our God and for the life-giving relationships we have in our church family. In the spring, we both had to say goodbye for now to our moms, and when Josiah and Sarah moved to Seattle this summer, a big part of our hearts went with them. Like you, we have experienced so many emotions in 2020, as we have all had to navigate one of the most challenging seasons in our lives. Isn’t is good news to know that we are not alone? Our ever-present God is with us. And despite what the enemy might want us to think, God is at work in our lives, in our church and in our world. We also have each other. What a gift to have a church family filled with people who love God and who say yes to whatever he asks of them.

As you celebrate the birth of Jesus this year, remember what his coming means. You are loved. There is hope. God is present. And goodness will prevail.

We are grateful for you. Join us in person or online as we follow Jesus into the new year.

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours,
Scott and Tammy and the whole Chapman family
(Faith, Tammy, Scout & Buckeye , Scott, Charis, and Sarah & Josiah in Seattle)