Baptism at The Chapel

Baptism is a declaration of your decision to follow Jesus

What is Baptism?

Is baptism the same as salvation?

Baptism is not the same as salvation. It is important to have already entered into a relationship with Jesus before getting baptized.

Why is baptism important to Christians?

Although we do not believe that you have to be baptized to have a relationship with Jesus, it is an important step in publicly proclaiming your faith.

What is the church's role in baptism?

Baptism in the church also invites a community of other followers of Jesus to come alongside you to support and encourage you in your faith.

Baptism at The Chapel

We are so excited that you have decided baptism is your best next step as a follower of Jesus! Complete this form, and a pastor from your campus will reach out to discuss baptism and answer any questions you might have!

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