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Come Alive


January 21, 2024

Teacher Denvil Lee

That's Deep - Come Alive

While in captivity, God gives a prophetic vision to Ezekiel. In his vision, the temple has been rebuilt, and water flows from it to the east, bringing life to everything it touches. In the Old Testament, whenever the people move away from God, they go east. Nothing good comes from the east. And yet, here, the water flows east. Ezekiel’s vision creates this beautiful picture of living water flowing from the temple into the world’s darkest places – bringing healing waters to everything it encounters.

This prophetic vision is like a rock, skipping on the water, touching throughout time. There was a rebuilt physical temple in the Old Testament; also, Jesus said he was the temple, the church is the temple, and those who have the Holy Spirit are the temple. We are the temple. We are called to go out into a hurting, suffering, and dying world with the living water that brings revival! God doesn’t want to change the world without us. God doesn’t want to change the world without you.

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