Message Series

What Happened on the Cross


March 17, 2024

Teacher Jamie Wamsley

Part 2: The Roman Centurion

Roman soldiers were known for their harsh treatment of individuals. The most severe, sternest, and cruelest soldiers were elevated to the rank of centurion and entrusted with leading a cohort of Roman soldiers. This week, in our series “What Happened on the Cross,” we looked at the crucifixion through the eyes of the Roman centurion overseeing Jesus’ execution. The heart of this centurion would have been hardened by years of cynicism and brutality. He likely supervised, without even a flicker of emotion, Jesus’ beating, flogging, and crucifixion. Yet, as Jesus breathes his last and the earth trembles, this centurion is overcome with fear and declares that Jesus is the Son of God. He is among the least likely individuals anyone would anticipate to declare Jesus as Lord.¬†And yet, in one moment, everything changed for him. The same is true for us; one moment in the presence of God can change our lives forever.

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