Dear Chapel McHenry family,

Over the past three years at The Chapel McHenry, our campus has experienced the presence and power of God in amazing ways. From moving into our permanent home in a donated warehouse building, to the opening of a 75 -bed homeless shelter and the launch of a food pantry ministry, we have been blessed to see countless people meet and come alive to God.

Looking toward the future, I celebrate everything God has done in and through our campus up until now, but more than that, am praying for His presence in our lives like never before.

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches his disciples (and us) to pray a simple prayer.

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

This prayer is so powerful, not only because it invites God’s presence into our lives, but because it invites his will to be made real through us. It is a prayer of obedience and partnership. As we enter this new season of our campus, I will be praying this prayer over my own life, your life, and the lives of everyone who we haven’t met yet who will come to know God through us. I hope you will join me.

With love,

Kenny Hackbarth, Campus Pastor


The Project

Over the next two years, as we focus on inviting God’s presence into our own lives, the life of our campus, and the world beyond our walls, it is our goal to raise the funds and finish the buildout of a new auditorium and community space at our campus. It is in faith that we believe people coming alive to God will fill this space at our weekend gatherings and throughout the week through groups and ministries of our campus and community partnerships.

The Auditorium

A larger updated auditorium at The Chapel McHenry will increase the capacity of our weekend gatherings from 185 to 400 individuals per gathering. New comfortable chairs, simulcast technology, an LED wall, and a fully outfitted stage are all part of the plan that will make worshiping in this space more comfortable for our current campus attendees and more inviting for guests. In addition to the weekend gatherings, this space will also be open for community events, Chapel conferences, and other exciting happenings.

The Cafe

In addition to a larger auditorium, this buildout project includes plans for a larger lobby/student center an and improved cafe area. This space will be the hub of community at the campus – a place where families interact with each other and grow relationships that are the definition of kingdom community. On days other than Sunday, this space will transform into a fun and interactive area for use by Chapel Students, Young Adults, and MOPS ministries as well as groups from the community where people can learn what it means to live like Jesus and build positive, lifelong friendships.

The Need

To complete the auditorium and community space project we need to work together to raise $275,000.00

His kingdom is here


Do you call The Chapel McHenry your church home?


Join us as we build God’s kingdom here by invitingGod’s presence into your everyday life, living out of an authentic relationship with Jesus, partnering with the Holy Spirit to carry the Christianity of Jesus into the world around you and prayerfully consider how God is leading you to give of your time, talents and treasure to the future of The Chapel McHenry and the work God has called us to.