Message Series

David: The Shepherd / King of Israel


June 11, 2023

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 4: David Spares Saul's Life

Temptation can act as a trap set for us; and the question becomes, will we take the bait? In 1 Samuel 24, David and Saul are at the height of conflict with one another. Saul’s jealousy and paranoia have led him to believe David will lead a rebellion against him. David flees with his men into the wilderness and is pursued by Saul and his 3000 men. Going off by himself, Saul unknowingly enters the same cave where David is hiding. David’s men urge him to seize the opportunity and kill Saul. The temptation to take an easy path to kingship is set before David. David avoids the trap, and instead of killing Saul, he cuts off a piece of his robe as a symbolic act. David’s men assumed that because Saul was in the cave, God’s will was that they should kill him. David saw through this deceptive trap. He understood that God did not desire him to become a murderer. While God certainly works through our circumstances, we should not look to our circumstances to reveal God’s plan or will for our lives. David trusted that God’s plan for his life would include upholding his character and integrity. He knew that when we sacrifice who we are to get what we want, we lose both.

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