Message Series

David: The Shepherd / King of Israel


June 25, 2023

Teacher Denvil Lee

Part 6: Navigating From Now to Next

There were approximately 15 years between when God revealed his plan for David to become the next king of Israel and David’s actual ascension to the throne. Can you imagine what it was like for David? He knew God had anointed him the next king, yet Saul continued to sit on the throne year after year. While many of us would have doubted God or tried to take matters into our own hands, David models an incredible trust and reliance on God. While David had opportunities to take down Saul and speed up the process of becoming king, he knew that doing so would undermine God’s plan for his life. Instead, he chose to stay on the path God had for him. In our own lives, what does it look like to move with God?

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