Message Series



May 26, 2024

Teacher Denvil Lee

Part 2: God as Our Divine Healer

Whatever you behold, you become.

Beholding Jesus and how he lived his life is the first step toward being transformed into his likeness. This transformation happens when we go beyond simply studying who Jesus is and allowing his life to shape us. Jesus’ life shows us that healing is possible and compels us to pray for healing and miracles. Praying for miracles can sometimes feel risky, especially when we don’t always see those prayers answered. This is where faith comes in. Faith is a conduit between this world and God’s kingdom, connecting us to his will and power. Is it God’s will that people be free, healed, and have joy. Therefore, we can pray with boldness for these things. Even when healing and miracles don’t occur as we pray, we can be confident that every prayer makes an impact and brings God’s kingdom to earth.

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