Message Series



June 2, 2024

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 3: God as Our Supernatural Deliverer

Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you have been relationally stuck, caught in cycles of conflict where nothing seems to go right. Financially stuck, with debt growing beyond what you can afford, stripping away your freedom. Or emotionally stuck, haunted by past events, or trapped in cycles of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, or depression.In Mark 5:1-20, Jesus encounters a man who is profoundly stuck. In the region of the Gerasenes, a man possessed by a legion of demons lives among the tombs, exhibiting uncontrollable and violent behavior. When he sees Jesus, he runs to him, and the demons beg not to be tormented. They request to be sent into a nearby herd of pigs, and Jesus consents. The demons enter the pigs, which then rush into the sea and drown. The herdsmen report the incident to the town, and the townspeople arrive to find the formerly possessed man clothed and in his right mind, sitting with Jesus. Jesus’ complete transformation of the man illustrates that Jesus is both great and good. He is ready and willing to deliver you from whatever holds you captive. Freedom comes from emptying yourself and surrendering to his power and love. No matter how stuck you feel, Jesus will meet you right where you are with hope, power, and unconditional love.

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