Message Series

Glory to Glory


June 30, 2024

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 3: Paul in Lystra

This week, we picked up the story of Paul in Acts 14, where Paul and Barnabas healed a crippled man and became instant celebrities, hailed as gods. Paul and Barnabas rejected this glorification, urging the people to worship the living God. As a result, Paul was stoned and left for dead. Despite this, Paul continued to preach, ultimately strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain faithful through hardships.

Paul’s experience mirrors that of Jesus, who went from the height of popularity at the triumphal entry to being crucified days later. Both of their lives demonstrate the fleeting nature of popularity; one moment, you can be on top of the world, and the next, canceled. Unlike those who derive their worth from external validation, Paul exhibited confidence and freedom rooted in his identity in Christ. He was unshaken by persecution or popularity, driven by the truth of the resurrection, which released him from the fear of death or the need for earthly approval. Just like Paul, we, too, can live in freedom –– rooted in our identity in Christ. When we are released from needing worldly validation, we can live for a greater purpose, reflecting the presence of God within us.

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