Message Series

Glory to Glory


June 23, 2024

Teacher Freddy Villarreal

Part 2: Saul's Commission

This week, Freddy continued our series on the life of Paul in Acts 13. Ten years have passed since Paul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. Paul and Barnabas are in Pisidian Antioch, where they enter the synagogue on the Sabbath and are invited to speak. Paul stands up and summarizes Israel’s history, explaining how each step points to Jesus. He teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, but contrary to expectations of a government leader or hero bringing judgment, Jesus came to establish his own kingdom. In this kingdom, everyone has a seat at the table, and there are no insiders or outsiders.

Paul urges everyone not to miss out on Jesus, emphasizing that salvation through him is available to all. The Jews saw themselves as the elect and the Gentiles as non-elect, but Paul clarifies that Jesus came for everyone who will say yes to him. Whether you see yourself as an insider or an outsider, we all have the same need and the same solution—Jesus.

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