Message Series

Revive Me


May 12, 2024

Teacher Tammy Chapman

Part 6: Revive My Hope

The world offers us many things to connect our hope to—political parties, the number of likes and followers, the jobs and positions we hold, and more. Yet, none of these bring lasting, meaningful hope. What our hearts truly need is heavenly hope. Hope that walks with us through our pain, reminding us that God sees us and has goodness in store for each of us. Story after story in the Bible tells us how God showed up for people, came to them, revealed himself to them, spoke to them, fought their battles, forgave them, comforted them, and delivered them. What God did for them, he can do for you. God wants to give you hope you can anchor yourself to no matter your circumstances. Nothing is impossible for God. He knows what you need and loves you so much.

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