Message Series

Revive Me


April 21, 2024

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 3: Revive My Strength

This week, Scott continued our series, “Revive Me,” focusing on 1 Kings 19 and the prophet Elijah. Like many of us, Elijah struggles with feelings of isolation and loneliness. Filled with despair and fear, he seeks refuge in a cave on Mount Horeb (also known as Mount Sinai, where Moses encountered the burning bush and received the Ten Commandments). God asks Elijah why he is hiding in the cave. Elijah responds by expressing his frustration and feeling like he’s the only faithful person in Israel.

God then instructs Elijah to stand outside the cave because he is about to pass by. A windstorm, earthquake, and fire occur, but God is not in these powerful events. Instead, God speaks to Elijah in a gentle whisper.

The storm, earthquake, and fire would have reminded Elijah of similar events in Exodus 19 before Moses received the Ten Commandments. By coming in a whisper, God reminds Elijah that his ability to connect with God is not tied to displays of power. Instead, God desires a personal relationship with him, inviting Elijah to know him intimately and experience his deep love firsthand.

Similarly, God doesn’t call us to trust in his power; He calls us to trust in him. God’s power is a tool he uses to break the chains of oppression, set people free, and overcome isolation and evil in the world. God’s power changes circumstances; it doesn’t change hearts.

The Bible and our world are filled with stories of people who have seen God’s power on display but didn’t believe in him. It can be tempting to think the only thing we need is God’s power in our lives, but we need God himself even more than his power. We are forever changed when we enter a relationship with God, hear his voice, and experience his love for us.

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