Message Series

Revive Me


April 28, 2024

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 4: Revive My Relationships

This week, as we continued in our series Revive Me, we looked at the unlikely relationship that formed between Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10. We learned that there are two keys to relationships. When utilized together, they unlock kingdom community in our lives. The first key is purpose. The purpose we are called to is to follow Jesus. When we enter into a relationship with him, we will begin to look and live like Jesus, to listen to his word, and to walk in his ways. The second key is approach. Our approach to relationships should be putting the needs of others above our own. The world teaches us to look after our own good, but the Bible teaches the opposite. Seeking to be like Jesus and prioritizing the needs of others transforms both us and our relationships.

As we put these keys into practice, we will see our relationships fall into one of three categories: community, ministry, and civility.

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