Message Series

I Believe


March 3, 2024

Teacher Scott Chapman

Part 6: I Believe in Revival

This week, Scott concluded our series, “I Believe,” by teaching on The Chapel’s Belief Circle. When we compare how God moved in the lives of people in the Bible to our own lives, we may feel a gap between what we read and experience. This gap is often because we have believed the wrong things about the gospel, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our mission, as seen outside the circle. But when we begin living by what’s inside the circle, we come alive to God, unlock the Biblical experience, and help others do the same.

Our Belief Circle begins with believing that heaven is coming to earth, not that we are going to heaven. Many churches teach that the gospel is an evacuation plan when it’s actually an invasion plan. Jesus taught over and over that the kingdom of heaven was near. Although not here fully, we can begin to experience heaven on earth right now.

Experiencing a life of revival also means being a follower of Jesus, not just a fan of Jesus. Jesus showed us a new way to be human. Living like Jesus will bring us closer to God and his original design for our lives.

We believe that God works through us today by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring his kingdom to earth. At its core, Christianity is about a relationship – not just doing things for God but being on mission with God.

Lastly, as followers of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit, we believe it is our job to bless others and help them experience revival in their lives. We carry the presence of God; therefore, we are the light of the world.

When we shift from the outside of the circle to the inside, we come alive to God – and when you come alive to God and experience him in your life, you will never want to go back to the outside of the circle.

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