Message Series

I Believe


February 4, 2024

Teacher Freddy Villarreal

Part 1: I Believe in Jesus

There is abundant evidence supporting Jesus’s existence in historical records, as documented by Roman and Jewish non-Christian historians. Their writings acknowledge the life, death, and ministry of Jesus, and remarkably, some even go as far as recognizing the resurrection.

Jesus is the absolute truth, the only way, and the fullness of life. The emptiness you feel cannot be satisfied by anything other than Jesus. What he offers is something you can’t find anywhere else. He is the only solution and more than enough for every need. We all face this same crossroads as Josephus. We each have to decide in our own lives if we will simply believe he existed or make him King of our lives. If you haven’t invited him to be the King of your life, we pray today will be the day!

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