Message Series

I Believe


February 25, 2024

Teacher Jamie Wamsley

Part 5: I Believe in the Church

The church is the community of the kingdom of God on earth. God envisions the church to be where his goodness is experienced with one another and poured out into the world around us. As we continued in our series, I Believe, we looked at ten ways to build the type of community that God dreams of for our church.

10 Ways to Build the Community of God’s Kingdom
1.  Spend time in God’s presence
2.  Make attending on the weekend a priority
3.  Join a group
4.  Find a place to serve
5.  Forgive quickly and give grace generously
6.  Share in the ministry of Jesus
7.  Give financially
8.  Be a force for unity and peace
9.  Get involved in non-Christian spaces
10. Invite people into our midst

Our faith journey was never meant to be done alone – we were created for community. Together, we desire to be the kind of church community God dreams of and a force for good in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and the world.

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