Message Series

I Believe


February 18, 2024

Teacher Denvil Lee

Part 4: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

The topic of the Holy Spirit can be hard to understand and sometimes divisive. Some churches emphasize the Spirit, while others hardly talk about the Spirit’s role in our lives. You may have heard discussions about being filled with the Spirit or led by the Spirit and wondered what it all means. In this week’s message, Denvil began in the book of Genesis and continued through the Old Testament, the life of Jesus, Pentecost, and up to the present day, showing us how the Holy Spirit has been at work throughout history.

The Holy Spirit is God’s presence with us, offering comfort, guidance, and wisdom, empowering us to withstand trials, uphold faith, and experience the kingdom in the midst of adversity. The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts and transforms our character to mirror Jesus.

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