Dear friends,

I’m confident many of us have heard the terrible news of what is taking place in Kenosha, and are heartbroken over the violence, chaos and suffering that many are now experiencing. I am struck not only by the tragedy of what is occurring, but also how very close to home this all feels.

Over the past few days, we’ve reached out to multiple churches in and around Kenosha. We’ve assured our pastor friends that we are praying for them, that we stand together with them, and that we’re ready to assist them in any way possible.

The heart of God leads all who are called by his name to rise up in prayer and action as people of peace. In Micah 6:8, Scripture tells us to “do justly, love mercy and walk humbly before our God”. These are powerful and appropriate guiding words in this moment. Peaceful, beautiful and God-honoring societies are built upon a foundation of justice for all, mercy towards all and humility in all. Yet even as I write those words I feel the heavy weight of them, and the discouragement of witnessing how far we are drifting from them. Hate, outrage and indifference of every kind is counter to the kind of culture God wants to bring into our world. Worse, these seeds are cultivating a level of intolerance and violence that is quickly moving past anyone’s ability to manage. At this time, more than ever before, we need to call out to God for widespread revival and an over-turning of our present darkness.

With that hope, please join me in fervent prayer. Pray first, for the recovery of Jacob Blake and all those who have suffered physical violence. Next, pray that the God of all comfort would draw near to all those who have lost loved ones. Their grief is real, and all of us can empathize with the severe pain of losing a parent, child, sibling or friend. Third, pray for the churches of Kenosha – that they would become a bright source of hope, comfort and strength in the midst of chaos. Pray also for the police, the municipal leaders and the national guard troops for wisdom and protection. Finally, please pray for the people of Kenosha, that their hearts would be open to the good news of God’s kingdom, and that they might reach towards the hope of life with him.

Lord, hear our prayers. Answer our cries! May all the people of Jesus embrace the angry, the hurting and the fearful. May we have the words and courage to speak peace, worth and love over the city of Kenosha. May your kingdom come, Lord Jesus, in our time and in this place.

Your devoted brother,