Chapel Family,

As I reflect on the recent US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, I feel profoundly grateful that the justices made the decision to uphold the most basic of all human rights – the right to be born.

I also recognize that the conversation about abortion is controversial, even in Christian circles. The justices’ decision inevitably raises other very real concerns such as healthcare, quality of life for children, and the potentially difficult and even life-altering circumstances by which a pregnancy might have come about. For those reasons, we as a church will continue to support expectant mothers and their families to the best of our ability, regardless of the circumstances.

Historically, our church has not only been a body that has upheld the right for all people to be born, but it too has also been a haven of adoption for children from all backgrounds and circumstances, as well as a place of judgment-free forgiveness and healing for those of us who have found ourselves entangled in the difficulty of abortion. We, too, have always championed the equality and immense value of women, both born and unborn.

In the days to come, Illinois and Wisconsin, the two states in which our church family resides, will be reflecting on this issue to govern the matters surrounding it. I am confident we will not experience a shortage of controversial conversations regarding the subject. In light of that, I am asking all of us to pray for those who are in government and to conduct ourselves with the character of Christ, especially as we share how the Lord leads our consciences on a matter as passionate as the right for everyone to be born. As Christians, we show the quality of our wisdom through the nobility of our actions – particularly towards those with whom we may disagree. Our way is not one of hurling insults or silencing our critics but of seeking to understand those who may disagree with us, loving those who oppose us, and praying for those who have charge over us. In these ways, the character behind our values will be seen.

I fully realize that my words and this issue will be seen from varying perspectives, and I will always listen to and value perspectives other than my own, including those on this issue.

I’m continuing to ask God to faithfully lead all of us through these challenging times, and I hope you will join me in that prayer.

Your brother,