A CALL TO REVIVAL // Hearts Fully Committed To The Lord

2 Chronicles 16:9(a)

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Revival: A renewed presence of God’s Kingdom in his people and here on earth.
We often talk about revival like we expect it to happen overnight and out of thin air. However, it always takes a spark to get a fire going and true revival will only take place when each of our hearts is committed fully to God.

What does a heart committed fully to God look like?
  1. Trusting God in every circumstance
  2. Asking God for guidance in every situation
  3. Leaning on God’s direction even when the world tells you to do something different
  4. Living the life Jesus would live if he had your life

This week, take some time to read 2 Chronicles 16:9(a). As you read, enter into God’s presence and ask him these questions. Each day, write down what you feel God is saying to you.
  1. Father, what barriers are between my heart and you?
  2. What are you calling me to eliminate to make more room for you?
  3. How can I live more like Jesus if he had my life?

At the end of the week, choose three commitments you want to make that will lead your heart closer to the Lord.

Commitment #1:


Commitment #2:


Commitment #3: