Praying is something we know we should do but don’t really want to. What if praying could be different? For three weeks, we’ll look at three Scriptures that have the ability to transform our prayer experience.

Scripture: Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. John 5:17, 19-20.

Truth: Our God is always at work! Twenty-four hours per day. Seven days per week. At the grocery store. In your neighbor’s backyard. While you are watching your children’s baseball game. In your cubicle at work. At the dinner table. While you are tucking in your kids at night. God is always working to bring his love and power into people’s lives, and he wants to include YOU in what he is doing. When this reality sinks in, prayer isn’t just how we get more of God into our day. It’s how we allow God to bring us into his! Prayer is how God shows us what he is up to and how he invites us to be part of it.

Try this. This week, several times throughout your day, wherever you are, ask God questions like:

Father, how do you feel about this person standing in front of me?

Father, how do you want to bless the person I am with in this moment?

Father, what is on your heart right now?

Right after you pray, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you have. That’s usually how God answers. Allow him to form your heart in that moment and then do what he prompts you do and say what he gives you to say. Allow God to move in and through you.

Let’s pray

Father, I give you my eyes and heart and hands. Help me to see what you are doing, feel what you are feeling, and be a vessel through which your love and power flow. In Jesus’ name, amen.